An AA Meeting Childhood

Hey girl, This book I'm working on is really going to test me. It's a dark and wild thing, that I first thought up back in 2013, worked on for a few chapters, then shelved because it got too heavy. Now it's time to bring it to life. It is about subjects that I'm very... Continue Reading →

Old Fat White Woman?

Hey girl, Today when I was taking a piss on the toilet, I looked down at my thighs, and thought, these are the thighs of a thirty something year old woman. And I had a flash of an image of me perhaps a decade older, when I've totally given up on exercising and eating right... Continue Reading →

The Words Will Always Take Me Back

Hey girl, I come to you tonight as a failed entrepreneur. Failed entrepreneur is the title I carried all week, feeling very low and unskilled. Selling online is so fucking hard. Or maybe it's just me. Maybe I don't have it. It's just particularly crushing when I've stepped far out of my introverted comfort zone... Continue Reading →

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