Do you write under a pen name?

Hey girl,

If you do, why do you write under a pen name? Is it because you’re very shy and introverted, and/or the subject matter requires you to hide your identity?

That’s what I’m sort of struggling with at the moment. This current work in progress is a story that’s been banging around my head since 2013, and about half of it involves my former life. Since I live and work in a pretty conservative town, I am not brave enough nor willing to publish this work under my real name.

I feel a little bit of guilt over this. Guilt over being a wheeny, I suppose. Maybe once I become a successful writer, and can ditch the day job, maybe I’ll expose myself. My life as a stripper was a very fun and informative span of time that I’m not at all ashamed of; it just would not be a welcome confession in my current state of things.

Anyone else out there know what this is like?


One comment

  1. I use a pen name because for one my pen name sounds way cooler than my real name. I think it’s more memorable and fits my brand better. Secondly, once you associate your name with something, it’s hard to erase. So you can build the sexy name (for me) around this brand and my other name around other things.


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