You’re Too Young To Be in Pain

You know what I am against? I am against people under the age of fifty complaining about how much their body hurts.

Yes, I set the bar at fifty. Barring disability, and illness, if you’re an able bodied person, you should not have a lot of trouble getting up and down. None of this, “If I get down, I won’t be able to get back up.”

Granted, it’s not like I don’t wake up with a tweaked back or a jacked up neck occasionally (looking at you, mattress that’s supposed to last ten years and you’re clearly nearing your end after three) but I also roll out my yoga mat every morning and stretch it out. And stretching is key to maintaining your flexibility and limberness. You don’t have to have a total workout (although that would be the best option) but just practice simple stretches.

It’s such a simple thing- just get into the habit of stretching every AM. And you won’t be so afraid of getting down ;).

That’s my PSA for the morning.


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