You’re Too Young To Be in Pain

Hey girl,

You know what I am against? I am against people under the age of fifty complaining about how much their body hurts.

Yes, I set the bar at fifty. Barring disability, and illness, if you’re an able bodied person, you should not have a lot of trouble getting up and down. None of this, “If I get down, I won’t be able to get back up.”

Granted, it’s not like I don’t wake up with a tweaked back or a jacked up neck occasionally (looking at you, mattress that’s supposed to last ten years and you’re clearly nearing your end after three) but I also roll out my yoga mat every morning and stretch it out. And stretching is key to maintaining your flexibility and limberness. You don’t have to have a total workout (although that would be the best option) but just practice simple stretches.

It’s such a simple thing- just get into the habit of stretching every AM. And you won’t be so afraid of getting down ;).

That’s my PSA for the morning.


One thought on “You’re Too Young To Be in Pain

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  1. Ugh, I actually hate to have my problems dismissed so much. I am almost 40, I had my knee drained at 12. I tried to have it drained again 4 months ago when I stepped wrong in my stripper heels and my knee swelled up and refused to go down. I have rhuemory arthritis. But I don’t look like it when things are fine and I am an active person. I have 50+ year olds picking on me because I sit on the floor rather than bend my knees and use elevators rather than stairs and they say I am too young for all that and lazy. I look 15 years younger than my chronological age the discrimination is endless. From how in the world could my health be less than perfect to how could I know this or that. And they really can’t feel good about themselves unless I say I have something chronic. Even with my maintained youth they have to blow it off with “well, you don’t have kids. You’ll look like me when you have kids.” Um, will I? Saying fucking who? They can’t just give you the great job they just have to take you down.


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