An Ode To Those 7″ Heels

Hey girl,

The shoes were what first hooked me. Those giant clear plastic sparkly goddess platforms- I remember the first time I stepped foot in a strip club as a customer, and saw them and LOVED them. I wanted to wear them. I also found out that I rather enjoyed having my head squished between two giant boobs, but that’s another blog post.

When I first started dancing, I didn’t get a pair of those babies for a couple of weeks. I think I was wearing just a regular pair of small platform sandals. I also was wearing a pair of broken glasses that I electrical-taped together. I think my first outfit was a mid thigh jean skirt and a sleeveless button up blouse. For reals. I looked like I was- a horny farm girl far from home.

When I finally got my own pair of real stripper shoes, I felt like a million bucks. The shoes instantly transform you- that four inch platform and 7″ heel stretch your body out like a mother fucker. You are leaner, sexier- muscles jump out in your legs that you didn’t even know you had.

Over the years, I settled on buying mule-type stripper heels- no straps, just slip your feet in, find your balance (!) and you’re off. For one thing, I got so sick of the straps breaking (Pleaser, here’s looking at you, honey) and second, there are a lot of men who have foot fetishes, so it’s an easy kick off shoe and they can get to the goods. (Foot fetish customers will be yet a whole ‘nuther blog post….)

I love the look of the stripper heel. There’s something about the line made from the hard edge of the heel….traveling up it to the round of the heel, then up the ankle and the curve of the calf…..


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