Is it Possible to be Child-Free and Content?

Is it Possible to be Child-Free and Content? — Read on Hey girl, HELL FUCKING YES is what I say to this. This is an idea I can get behind. Oh wait. I already am. AK Read the rest of the debauchery HERE

Backwards Daydreams

Hey girl, I'm in a bit of a dark mood tonight. I've got the end of summer panic full blown, and I'm horny and I'm worried I'm becoming an alcoholic. Fuck, this guy is going to turn me into an alcoholic. I've got to get away from him. I can feel my soul drying up.... Continue Reading →

Great Temptation

old desires / new excuses rushes of memories butterflies in my stomach racing heartbeat then sadness like a fold of the ocean over me, crashing with dreaded devastation the impossibility at reaching those love highs ever again

I Miss You Like Mary

Remember when you looked at me with that smile after I called you back with mock outrage I remember the way you turned, approached and the desire for that to repeat socks me in the gut and it's all I want.

Coffee & Marijuana Morning

Hey girl, There is a lovely rain falling outside, I'm all alone in the house, I've got my bowl packed and a nice mug of steaming hot coffee beside me.....simply beautiful. I'm trying to picture this type of scene in the future, when I really am alone in the house...all the time. I think initially... Continue Reading →

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