Graduate of the Clear Platform University

Hey girl,

I have touched on this before, but it was really the sky-high, 7″ clear platform heels that strippers wear that made me want to become a stripper. When I first went to a club as a customer, with a couple of friends, I immediately fell in love with the footwear. The boobs were a close second, but the footwear was #1.

The heels are legendary, and they’re amazing- those 7″ (absolutely no kitten heels- if a stripper catches a fellow worker daring to wear kitten heels (gag) they are ripped off the dancer’s feet and thrown into a burning trash pit in the backyard of the club) heels put the dancer up on a platform, where she will become even, or perhaps taller, than the customers. The 7″ heels elongate the dancers entire frame, not just slimming her legs. Those shoes are straight up magic.

When I first started dancing, I started in a pair of prom shoes, like from Claire’s or some shit, (gag)- while they were taller than kitten heels, they weren’t much better. I quickly inquired as to where the girls usually got their shoes, and I was directed to, of course.

My first pair was white, with extra straps, which I love. They looked a little like this. But I quickly had to get a black pair, as most of my outfits were darker colors. If I had to get a pair today, I would get a super sexy pair like these. I did eventually only stick to strapless (slip on) shoes, as I always seem to have the straps break after just wearing them a few times- my one complaint with those shoes, Pleaser!



  1. I started with super strappy heels as well. They are so pretty! I fell into wearing the strapless ones when I got lazy at the end. I always thought it was weird when dancers would ask so I kept them on my feet as if I’m the only one that wears those. Or putting the tacky garters on them for strap replacement instead of just buying shoes with straps. Shoes were 100% what I noticed first in my beginning days. That and I noticed everyone danced super slow. I thought it was a lack of skills but it turns out that’s catering to the audience!!!

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