Heels Are Life

Hey girl,

My co-workers are amazed at my ability to prance around the office in 3” heels. I scoff at them. If they only knew. 3” are, of course, nothing when you’re used to running around the club in 7” heels with a goddamn 4” platform. Wimps.

Today I was looking at my heels in the reflection cast against the work kitchen fridge, and just LOVING how they look. I got these new 3” heeled booties from Poshmark (love me some Poshmark!) and they’re exactly what I wanted for the winter season. Heels are so fucking sexy- they elongate your legs, they elongate your whole fucking body! The stiletto heel is quite orgasmic.

Please don’t just stick to flats your whole life. I mean, if you have some physical ailment that really prevents you from wearing them, that’s one thing. But if you’ve only avoided them because you don’t think they are for you- try them out! I promise you they will change your life! I give you permission to wear kitten heels for a SHORT PERIOD OF TIME if you really have never worn any heels, because you should break in slowly, but please quickly adjust & ditch those for an extra inch. Please. Kitten heels should all die a slow and painful death. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I hate them.

If you need tips on wearing heels, please reach out. I want everyone in sexy footwear, it might just possibly be my life mission.

In the meantime, will you consider joining my mailing list? I want to build this site into a fabulous thing, but I need your help: https://mailchi.mp/1364997fc22f/ameliakirkwrites

Thank you so much for your support ❤


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