Let’s talk Self-Care

Hey girl,

It has come to my attention, that as you enter your thirties, self-care becomes a non-negotiable. At least, it should be a non-negotiable by the time you hit that decade.

Let’s face it- life gets pretty tedious in your thirties. Usually, there’s a marriage, a mortgage & kids thrown into the mix by then. Full-time job? I know, you’re exhausted.

Well, your biggest mistake was having those damn kids. ‘Cuz even if your marriage is shitty, you can at least extract yourself easier without those leeches than with.

Crass, I know. Just being honest. And. If you haven’t learned by now that I’m very anti-kid, PAY ATTENTION!!

So what’s your self-care? Gym? Massages? Therapy? Meditation?

Please have something in the life mix. Something that is just for YOU. For relaxation. For some damn head space you can claim as your own.

And I order you- DO NOT FEEL GUILTY OVER YOUR SELF-CARE. Don’t you dare. You have to deal with the stress of job, marriage, kids, juggling it all- do not feel guilty over that 10 minute massage you agreed to after your pedicure. It felt sooo fucking good, right? Think of how much good that endorphin rush did for you- you probably went home in a much better mood, right? Played with your kids a bit? Maybe gave your husband a blow job? EVERYONE BENEFITS.

Take your moments, babe. You deserve it.


One comment

  1. I totally agree non-negotiable. I definitely think starting early is better of course. They say before 35 you have the skin you were born with. After 35 you have the skin you deserve


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