Patience is a 30s Thing

Hey girl,

Patience is a 30s thing, it really is. I WISH I had 1/2 of the patience I have now than I did in my young stupid years. I’d be so much further ahead….said everyone, right??

I’ve been feeling so impatient lately, especially with the day job. Fuck, it takes up so much time and energy. I get all these ideas all day long while listening to podcasts and busting out the work, but then I get home, and my brain is fried and I’m just done.

HOWEVER, I still put in time in the studio, every single day, even if its just to smoke a bowl and plan out my next move.

And I use my frustration with the currently-necessary day job as fuel to keep me motivated, to keep me moving ahead, pushing hard. Because I really, really want to get to the point where I’m supporting myself, by myself.

Disclaimer: I recognize that timing is important, and I believe that the self-employment isn’t going to happen until I’m ready and steadfast and patient enough. Like, if it were to happen tomorrow, that would be great but how much time would I waste during the day? How many times would I get stoned, stuff my face, watch a porn and jerk off, then nap for three hours? Because I can see that happening…every day. Oops. Fell asleep with Cheetos all over my face and my fingers deep in my twat again.

So, I’m going to keep punching the time clock and hustlin’ in the evening. And if you’re in a similar situation, then get back to work.

But thanks for reading 😉



  1. Yeah like with dancing, day shift girls are way more chill. They’ve out grown all of that proving a point stuff and just want to make money and go home to their kids.


  2. I definitely got more patient after 30. I never initially thought it would be my thing but all that wilin’ out does calm down as you get older. ( I use that term loosely. I was never wild and have never done drugs). I would love some of your comments under my articles.

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