Don’t be an Ager Hater

Hey girl, Someone at work recently turned 30, and she was a bit freaked about leaving her 20s, I believe. In fact, you could see it on her face- she was freaked. I told her not to worry, that your thirties are way better than the twenties. As much fun as I had in my... Continue Reading →

I will never understand Baby Desperation

Hey girl, **Disclaimer/Warning** If you're one of these desperate ass people who are trying like crazy to get pregnant, do not read this. *** I will never understand the crazy frantic desperation that some people (mostly women) get caught up in the gotta-have-a-kid-omg-I-have-to-get-pregnant.....and they have faced disappointment after disappointment, miscarriage after miscarriage. Now, I'm not... Continue Reading →

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