I will never understand Baby Desperation

Hey girl,

**Disclaimer/Warning** If you’re one of these desperate ass people who are trying like crazy to get pregnant, do not read this. ***

I will never understand the crazy frantic desperation that some people (mostly women) get caught up in the gotta-have-a-kid-omg-I-have-to-get-pregnant…..and they have faced disappointment after disappointment, miscarriage after miscarriage.

Now, I’m not a totally heartless bitch. As far as I can imagine, I can imagine the gut-wrenching heart breaking disappointment that comes with a miscarriage.

But sometimes, you hear about women or couples that go through years of struggle and strife, and medical procedures and IV treatments, etc. with no results.

How long are you going to subject yourself to that craziness before you give up? There are so many orphan babies in this world that need families- after you get nowhere after a couple of years, shouldn’t you take that as a sign that you should adopt? I’m sorry, but it’s not happening for you. You can still be a great parent- you just have to go outside of your own body.

I guess it seems strange to me that adoption doesn’t come to mind sooner for these couples that have been trying for years. And I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that the husband is ever as desperate as the wife. I feel like 99% of the time, the husband is just trying to support his crazy wife’s dream.

PLEASE ADOPT IF YOU CAN’T CONCEIVE. I know it’s not a fast process, but apparently, neither is conception for you, and your biological clock is winding down. So why don’t you save yourself a hella lot of stress and tears, and just adopt?

Just some food for thought.


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  1. There really are a ton of kids that need adoption and fostering. I really hate when someone asks me about having kids and they want to know which gender I prefer. I say indifferent. They don’t get it. Well, I’m not caught up in the fantasy of naming a child something long that everyone will cut short along with assuming that we are going to have a great bond as adults. I came from a broken family so while these women are busy being caught up in trying to get pregnant and like you said, not working, keep in mind you could be helping that person that is in a broken home with limited options. Even if only for awhile. I almost think as women they feel they have something to prove. But there’s no prize for natural vs adopted any more than there is a prize for wearing your natural hair vs extensions.

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