Just. Pay. Your. Bills.

Hey girl, I had a tough day at work and I feel totally drained. I am in the business of taking things away from people, unfortunately, when they stop paying for them. Use your imagination. People will ignore the calls, and letters, and formal service of documents....until the Sheriff shows up. THEN it's a crisis... Continue Reading →

My Mother Makes Me Anxious

Hey girl, It's funny how you realize things as you get deeper into your thirties... This past weekend my mother stayed with us, and as always, we were both exhausted by the time she left. She comes in with a whirlwind of bags, and stories and findings....our fridge is immediately filled with strange containers of... Continue Reading →

Please Stop the IVF Madness

Hey girl, This morning I'm thinking about people who are going through IVF treatments, and related bullshit to try to conceive. Of course, I must put the disclaimer out there (and if this is news to you, then you must be new here) that I think trying to have a kid period is pure nuts,... Continue Reading →

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