Please Stop the IVF Madness

Hey girl,

This morning I’m thinking about people who are going through IVF treatments, and related bullshit to try to conceive.

Of course, I must put the disclaimer out there (and if this is news to you, then you must be new here) that I think trying to have a kid period is pure nuts, and furthermore, if the good ole fashioned way of connecting body parts together doesn’t work after a couple months, then consider yourself lucky- you escaped decades of annoying, money sucking offspring taking over your life!

The people that go to the ends of Earth with the IVF treatments, and hormone therapy…..please stop. As far I can understand it, I get it that all you want with your whole being is to conceive, bring a healthy child to term and add to your family. As far as I can get that, I get it. But please stop tearing yourself up emotionally, physically, financially, trying to get this done. PLEASE CONSIDER ADOPTING. There are soooo many babies out there that need homes, babies that living in deplorable conditions, getting abused and neglected, and meanwhile, you’re injecting yourself with all this shit to try to get pregnant. I saw a news story the other day about a couple that started a GoFundMe to help pay for the IVF treatments- ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Get out here with that nonsense- you need to admit to yourself that it’s not meant to be, and go look for a child that needs you.

You CAN have your family. You just have to do it a bit differently than you planned. But it’s totally doable. Your body, your mental state, and the planet with thank you.


p.s. Do you know why I always call you Captains? Because it’s YOUR fucking ship, and you steer that bitch any way you want to.

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