My Mother Makes Me Anxious

Hey girl,

It’s funny how you realize things as you get deeper into your thirties…

This past weekend my mother stayed with us, and as always, we were both exhausted by the time she left. She comes in with a whirlwind of bags, and stories and findings….our fridge is immediately filled with strange containers of weird food stuffs (my mom was on the organic, local, from the Earth train wayyyy before any of you were) and my husband is cringing looking into it.
There’s always a million things she has to tell us, and what she’s been studying and researching…my mom is the definition of life-long student. She’s so passionate about the environment and farming and every moment of her life is taken up with pursuing these matters.
I always want to get really stoned before she arrives, so I can sit through her many stories, but then I get paranoid about being stoned. So I abstained this time, and just suffered through the emotional drain.
And on Sunday, she had to cook up one of her weird vegetable dishes, and burned it so our whole house stunk like onions. Husband was very annoyed.

Now, don’t get me wrong- I love my mom, and she’s been an amazing one. She never bad mouthed my dad, despite having a long list of things she could have talked shit about. I can’t stand that between parents, when they try to turn the kid against the other.
I got my love of language and books from her, she read to me and my sister every night. I’m especially grateful for the way she would verbally break down a difficult or unknown word, to teach me the language root within the word, to help figure out what the word means- that trick has helped me innumerable times throughout my life.
But man, is she exhausting. She has such an intense personality, and an attention of a hawk. Super intense brain in that one.

Love you Mom. But you need to smoke some weed.



  1. Yeah this is totally me on the organic and always learning thing. Learning is a life long process. There is no such thing as learning everything even if you think you have everything covered. My mom on the other hand is not so into learning. She does exclusively entertainment and is pretty whatever about food but just likes her food sweet.

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