Just. Pay. Your. Bills.

Hey girl,

I had a tough day at work and I feel totally drained.

I am in the business of taking things away from people, unfortunately, when they stop paying for them. Use your imagination.

People will ignore the calls, and letters, and formal service of documents….until the Sheriff shows up. THEN it’s a crisis and I’m getting a phone call and there’s tears and pleading and curses….ack.

Just pay your fucking bills, people. And if you can’t pay those bills, then you need to call up your creditor and MAKE A FUCKING ARRANGEMENT OR SURRENDER THE THING YOU CAN’T PAY FOR.

I feel bad but it’s also frustrating. I also understand burying your head in the sand and ignoring the situation.

Please pay your bills, people.



  1. Yeah there are people that want to buy all the fun stuff then pay bills last and wonder why they lose their stuff. And everybody wants to be the exception with their sob story

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  2. Yeah I know a couple of people in the industry right now that are homeless, and I feel kind of bad. My thing is though, I recall when they were coming to the club drinking every weekend or showing off new things that they bought (like one girl spending $1,000 on sunglasses!! Mind you she does not even go out all the time!). I just notice that when people get in that situation they are irresponsible with money a lot of the time. The industry is too much cash at once to not have training what to do with it. Do you have an opinion on the last super bowl issue that happened with strippers in Miami?


  3. When you were dancing, were any of the dancers around you homeless or one bad night away from homelessness? I’m just curious if it’s area specific or the industry.

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  4. This girl just posted that she “had to buy her baby clothes,” with her stimulus check. Now, she posted that online shopping would be the death of her. Triffling. How about pay your bills a few months ahead!!! You said you had children so if someone is going to always bring children’s needs into the conversation as an obstacle, I’mma need to see you doing motherly things like keeping the water on and all

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