Get Out of That Mindset!

Hey girl, I've been keeping an eye on my Twitter feed, and dancers and sex workers are freaking out. Understandably. Everything has come to a halt, and your money has dried up. What I'm also seeing, which I don't agree with AT ALL are so many girls saying things like, "I'm totally unemployable, I can't... Continue Reading →

This Reminds Me of 2008

Hey girl, You know, I feel like I was totally clueless about the 2008 financial crisis, until it was very very obvious that shit was whack. I was only three years into my stripping career when the bottom fell out of everything. I remember that business dropped in the club seemingly overnight. I went from... Continue Reading →

Betrayed in the V.I.P!

Hey girl, Back when I was a baby stripper, about six months into my stripping journey, I started doing a couple of day shifts. Y'all know how day shift and night shift are two very different beasts. Y'all know. Well, I got along great with the 5-7 other girls that were usually working alongside me.... Continue Reading →

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