You Can Take The Girl Out Of The Stripclub…..

Hey girl,

For this post, I am thinking about how long it’s been since I stopped dancing. It’s been fucking 8 years. Holy shit.

I remember how nerve racking it was initially, when I was transitioning from that lifestyle to a “normal” one. It felt like everyone could tell I just got off the pole.

It took about four years to stop feeling so paranoid. I got my first “big girl” job, post a retail stint, and could finally wear heels again. By the way, I think everyone should hold down a retail job early on in their working career- you learn so much about people, and how to deal with them. Especially irate ones, which you definitely find in retail. People get pissed about the stupidest shit.

Anyways, want to hear the kicker about that first big girl job? I worked with not one, not two, but three mutha fuckas who knew me from my previous life. I kid you not. Not dancers- they were one off of dancers, like the ex-wife of a DJ, a process server who was a regular customer, a friend of my ex-husband’s ex-gf. Fucked up right? Like what kind of karmic shitstorm had I fallen into? Incredible. However, once I had firmly established the don’t-even-think-of-bringing-it-up understanding, it was all good. Well, except that friend of the ex-gf, she was such a fucking rag.

So, for all the girls out there who are doing the same struggle, I’m cheering you on. Yes, the paranoia is normal, and if you play your cards right, you will outgrow it. Unfortunately, there is still a big ole nasty stigma about strippers (all sex workers) and it is still very frowned down upon in the business world. Even though all those fuckers are dipping into the strip clubs right after work and paying for their favorite’s boob jobs….yeah, it ain’t fair but that’s how it still is.

Keep your head up, babe. You got this.



  1. I have never felt that everyone could tell I got off the pole. I think the bigger transitions are the hours. I had to go from day shift to regular job to truly transition as well as stop dancing for an entire 2 weeks to get the gruff out of my voice. Cussing out everyone that offends you is perfectly fine in dance world but does not any type of work in regular job land.

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  2. Yeah, I think It’s really important to just pretend that world didn’t exist to avoid attracting that if you are into say the Laws of Attraction. I totally agree about the retail job!!! Really ANY job in the real world for both that experience, the pay check stubs and the lack of ever being in desperation mode. In addition to the discipline of staying on a schedule.

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