Betrayed in the V.I.P!

Hey girl,

Back when I was a baby stripper, about six months into my stripping journey, I started doing a couple of day shifts.

Y’all know how day shift and night shift are two very different beasts. Y’all know.

Well, I got along great with the 5-7 other girls that were usually working alongside me. One girl in particular, tried getting very comfy cozy pretty quicky. Even being a bit naive, my radar went off, in that way that just screams SNAKE!

Her regular came in, and against my better judgment, I got talked into doing a double with said dancer. And this girl was good, she had the sultry eyes, and voice, and her manicured nails traveled all over the guy’s body….

Well, things progressed, and I found myself kneeling on the floor (*shudder*) pretending to go down on the chic while she laid backwards on the guy, with her legs straddling his lap. I knew I didn’t really want to go there, not with that one, but I made a good show. Long hair is so very useful to hide the faking.

Anyways, at one point up when I had kissed down her thigh, I turn my head to start back and the dude is two fingers deep in this bitch! And she’s just moaning and thrashing around. I pulled the guys hand away from her and stood up and ended the dance. The chic was acting perfectly normal. He tipped very generously.

Once we were alone, I turned on her and hissed, “What the fuck was that?”

And this bitch. This bitch had the AUDACITY to tell me that she had been ‘trying to get my attention, so that I could help her out’.

I just stalked away from her. And never did any VIPs with her again. I was paranoid for about a week that one of the managers would review the tape and think that I was complicit in the dirty shit that was happening in that VIP room. In my club, you had to maintain the 6-inch rule- the guy could not come within 6 inches of your crotch. I mean touching-wise- he definitely should not be literally coming 6 inches away from your crotch.

She went on to date, marry and have a baby by a customer, so we know how she’s persuaded. She was also banging the boss most of the time too.

Have you ever been betrayed in the VIP?

Thirsty ass bitches, I tell ya.


One comment

  1. Omg, definitely!!! I did a double dance with a girl I thought was pretty cool and then the guy is just touching her everywhere so I just left. I hate that. I have a big problem with girls doing extras because dancing is DANCING. It is a safe space for visual entertainment. Girls go off about that you’re supposed to be cool because SHE’S COMFORTABLE. Well I’m “comfortable” saving customers money buy bringing in my own stronger cheaper alcohol for a tip but that’s against the law, now isn’t it? So, if someone is into that, I feel that’s their responsibility to line that up. But I also don’t ever want to hear that girl complaining when it’s slow because guys would come to the club if you would stop taking them out. That’s cause & effect. EVeryone can have a few super fans that make their livelihood but just like when female customers go on stage, wiggle around and then pick up the dollars? And they make a bunch cuz they are amateurs? Yeah that

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