This Reminds Me of 2008

Hey girl,

You know, I feel like I was totally clueless about the 2008 financial crisis, until it was very very obvious that shit was whack.

I was only three years into my stripping career when the bottom fell out of everything. I remember that business dropped in the club seemingly overnight. I went from making $500-$700 every night to barely $200. Man, those first three years were dope! And my dumb young ass spent every bit, and/or previous husband used it up with car parts and probation. I could go on.

But I never really stopped and thought, wait, what is going on out in the real world that it’s now affecting us naked beings?

I wish I had. I wish that I had saved up more of my money, and thought more long term. I wish I had realized that it was never going to go back to how it was. Not in my medium sized city that was seeing businesses move out or close down faster than hell.

I think I have a little PTSD from that era. I was sitting around in the club so much, and it was around the time when cell phones were really becoming popular. Ah, those early Twitter days! Those were fun. Then I noticed that my body was changing….my muscle was starting to grow softer….

Fuck. I had been going to the gym so regularly too. Now I’m supposed to work out on my own?? Pffffttt. All I want to do is eat my quarantine snacks.

My acrylic nails are growing out, and I keep filing them down and covering them in a glittery polish. I’ll ride them bitches until they fall off. ‘Tis the times, yo.

Half of me is terrified about the economic fall out from this. The other half is very, very curious about how it will change things.


3 thoughts on “This Reminds Me of 2008

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  1. As I say in my videos, it’s a good thing you spent it then and got the princess feeling rather than saved your way to mediocre and then win the lottery or get a great job and spend it all when it’s too late in life to reset. Everyone wants the high, we got it at the right age.


  2. I’ve always said it’s good to spend the money and enjoy it while there is plenty of time to reset rather than do it later in life where time is far from on your side. Most people will pay for the celebrity feel….that’s why they spend so much on weddings!!! But it’s important to take $200 and open a ROTH or whatever. I have a friend I tried to get to open one, but she just kept rolling her eyes at me. I bet she wishes she could crack it open now!!!


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