Will The Stripper Pole Ever Spin Again?

With the pandemic interrupting our normal lives, one kind of business that is really struggling is one that “normal” person might not think of- the strip club.

What is the future of strip club dancing? Although there are a lot of horny bastards that I’m sure would disagree, strip clubs are not ‘essential businesses’ and they started closing up around March 15th.

I did a previous post about how this pandemic initially reminded me of the financial crisis of 2008, but at least I still had a club to keep going to, I had a chance to make some money. I had several regulars that were very generous, thankfully, but my income still took a huge hit that it never recovered from.

So what is the future of exotic dancing? There are lot of panicky dancers wondering the same thing. A lot of them have turned to web camming, which I think is a good move- what else is there? There are few jobs available right now, and unfortunately there are a lot of dancers who have convinced themselves they are un-employable. Another unfortunate fact is that there are a lot of dancers with mental health and/or drug problems so even if there were more jobs available, it’s not like they could wake up on Monday and go job hunting.

I tried web camming for a quick minute, back in the day. Mostly just out of curiosity, but also as an attempt to boost my income. I only tried it for a few weeks- I felt silly doing sexy stuff all by myself in a corner of my bedroom. I don’t remember making a lot of money at it, but I’m sure the horny bastards are turning their attention and their coin to it now.

Maybe strip clubs will reinvent the “window show”- girls will be in a glass cube, and the customer will sit down and start sliding bills through a slot as the girl goes through her show. There’s a great book to read up on this particular style of nakedness- Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of An Unlikely Stripper, by Diablo Cody. (Also by Cody- make sure you watch the first season of The United States of Tara, while you’re at it- the first season is the best, then it gets pretty dark.) Maybe stages will now have plastic barriers all around them, which will be death to the mule kick- you know, when you’re on your knees in front of a guy and he wants to try some shit- you just have to mule kick that fucker into the next century. So satisfying!

Will the customers be afraid to come back to the clubs, once they’re allowed to open? Well, it will depend on how well the clubs clean up- if they adopt a “safer” window box style and advertise it, or whatever other changes they make to reassure the patrons. I only have experience with smaller clubs that were poorly managed in the best of times, so it’s hard for me to believe that those types will survive. Stripclubs are going to need to make a lot of changes, and then really hustle out smart advertising campaigns to try to get the customers to come back.

Whatever the future of exotic dancing is, it will be much different from how it used to be done. I wonder if the new restrictions that are bound to be put in place will cause more dancers to start meeting their customers on the side- no doubt they will face more pressure from the customers to do so. You know horny bastards are not going to be happy not being able to touch the dancers.

Girls, I feel for you. I hope all of you are staying safe and figuring out some way to bring in the dough. Unfortunately, the industry will never be the same, but remember this- sex, and/or the illusion of it, will always sell. A pandemic will not stop the most basic of human needs, the industry just needs to pivot hard (pun totally intended, haha).


2 thoughts on “Will The Stripper Pole Ever Spin Again?

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  1. I agree that the super pressure to meet up afterward will be there. But, if clubs become more stage oriented, then it can probably work.

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  2. I did a poll on Twitter asking how many girls would keep camming after the pandemic. All but 3 (out of I forgot how many but a lot) said they would. The online market is clearly over-saturated. None the less, it this is the case maybe clubs will respect girls more now [at least a little] knowing the have income from other sources. Just as replaceable as they view us, we now view them.

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