No, she doesn’t want to sleep with you.

This is something that has been weighing on my mind and heart, and I know it’s going on, and it makes me feel sick and sad.

I’m talking about the regulars who used to have to be satisfied with seeing their favorite girl in the club, spending some time talking and feeling up on the titties, then going back to where they came from, with a lot less money in their pockets. How many of those regulars are now taking advantage of unemployed and desperate strippers, who can’t feed their babies? How many regulars are holding onto that same amount of cash unless the dancer does ‘more’ for them? How many strippers are having sex with their regulars because their fridges are empty and their kids are hungry?

Of course those same girls could go stand in the miles long food bank line, but when they have a quick $1,000 dangling in their faces for a quick fuck, what are they going to do? And remember, the food bank is not going to pay the rent or pay for medications.

I’m not saying that all the dancers are going to let themselves be manipulated and used, but I know that there are girls out there who have those asshole regulars who are now withholding that same amount of cash they would have easily parted with under normal circumstances, unless the girl gives them extras.

If you’re one of those douchebags, SHAME ON YOU! The dancer does not want to sleep with you, trust me. She probably can’t fucking stand you. And yes, that’s a fake laugh. She has no other option at the moment, and her mama survival instincts are driving her boat. She’s just trying to take care of her family, and you, sir, should be asking for nothing more from her than maybe treating her to a nice takeout dinner.

Thoughts on this?


2 thoughts on “No, she doesn’t want to sleep with you.

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  1. Well it’s a pandemic so the $1,000 offers have been off the table for awhile. Really since 5 years ago. I have had random guys in my inbox talking about oh I never got a dance from you when you worked at this club but hey what are you doing now and what services do you offer? Yeah, dancing and potentially camming are supposed to dangle the fantasy of a relationship. It is of course the entertainer’s responsibility to direct that conversation to a sale. Before this pandemic, some girls were openly against charging guys just to open a message. Now, everything’s a charge. But you have to program these guys ALL THE TIME!!! If you change ANYTHING procedure wise when things get tough, SO WILL THEY!!!! Every time we act, we teach people how to treat us. Teach them that they are consumers!!!!

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  2. I always find guys that want to date you can be turned into regulars. What do you think? I had a guy that begged to pay me for a blow job and I never gave it to him he tried to find it elsewhere but couldn’t. He found me so entertaining became my regular for a really long time. That gave me $150 to rub my bag and watch me jiggle the last 5 minutes

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