Stripclub DJs Are A Different Breed

During my dancing career, I got to know 5 DJs pretty well. And I’m convinced that the people who become strip club DJs, the men especially, are a different breed of person. Yes, strip club managers and bouncers are in a similar boat of course. It’s such a strange subculture, that naturally attracts those that live on the “outer limits” of normal life.

Some of the most brilliant people I know, are or used to be strip club DJs. So much talent or intelligence, but they waste it away in strip clubs, doing drugs and putting together a neon light show when the high hits. Total lack of self-esteem and motivation to improve their situation.

Let me remind you, I am only speaking from my own experience, in a small upstate NY strip club that had seen better days long before I showed up.

One DJ used to a be in a rock band in the 80s, and had his canines shaved down to look like vampire fangs. Big time Batman fan, and still dresses up in his version every Halloween. Nice guy, but with a deep mental health issue that would rear its ugly head every couple of years. His sister was a cop in our city, and she was smokin’ hot.

Another one was also super intelligent, but had serious addiction issues. Oh, and slept with just about every girl (not me!). He had a high school sweetheart that he was forever on and off with; I worked with that girl for a few years, and she was the real sad thing- this girl was so smart, knew exactly what kind of dead beat her bf was, and she still ended up marrying him. She was already in her thirties- aren’t you supposed to grow out of that cling-to-bullshit-phase by then?? See, my excuse was that I married my asshole when I was only eighteen, before I knew better. (And I got rid of him before I hit thirty- ha!)

I always marveled at how insensitive to the nudity Djs become (also managers and bouncers). Granted, the girls give the DJs so much shit every shift (warranted and unwarranted) and they grow to hate the super bitchy ones that complain about every thing and don’t tip. They might notice when a girl gets a new super hot outfit, but for the majority, its all just the same ass and tits.

The DJs slept with so many of the dancers, smh. Like, they would run through them like water. There was always some drama about who’s cheating on who with whom. Frankly, I found most of the DJs really gross, knowing how many drugs they did and how much sex they had with so many people, especially how much sex they had that they didn’t necessarily remember because they were so fucked up. That’s the really scary part.

In my small club, the DJ also acted as security along with the bouncer, being able to see out over the floor better than the bouncer. He would jump on the mic if he saw some guy’s hands creeping over the tip rail. He could reach the errant customer sometimes faster than the bouncer if it was a packed Saturday night (ah, the good ole days when it would be standing room only!).

There were some good scuffles throughout the years that the DJs broke up. One time, a dancer’s crazy jealous husband came busting into her VIP and started pounding on the customer. She jumped out of the way and started screaming, the husband got his punches in and then fled the club, leaving the customer bloody and barely conscious on the couch. The dancer started chasing after her husband, fully nude, still in her 7″ Pleasers, seeing RED at him interrupting her money! By then, the bouncer, the manager and the DJ were involved- the DJ had the task of securing the dancer before she made it to the door so he ran and just scooped her up around the waist. She was so mad and crazed she pissed all over him while he struggled to get her back to the dressing room.

Ah, good times. Sometimes I miss working with the insane underground. So many issues, but so much fun.



    • As unhealthy as that relationship was, there was real love and I don’t regret it. We learn from our mistakes, right? I have good memories, and bad memories. It taught me what emotional abuse was like, and now my radar goes off faster than hell whenever it comes my way. Useful, as hard as it was to experience.

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      • You mentioned you worked at a small club which makes me think you are from a small town. If you were like me, I think that’s a lot more common than people think. I noticed where I grew up, people were on the road to college and marriage as an automatic compared to these bigger city people that look at me funny when I say that and they think everyone that age was a massive player.


  1. The DJ that was brilliant…..if he wasn’t wasting his life away doing drugs, what do you think he would have been when he “grew up”?


    • You know what, I saw him get offered the best job offers from legit holy roller customers, and he turned away from every one of them, and every time, my heart hurt a little for him. He was afraid of moving out of his comfort zone, you know? And the access to drugs, of course. I’m not sure where his genius would have led him…honestly, he knew humanity and people so well, he would have made a great psychologist or therapist.


      • At least he actually did. Most of them think that they do but are way off base. In all fairness, dancers turn down plenty of offers from high roller customers too. Sometimes I really think it’s the point of trying to be “saved” that makes them turn it down because it’s offensive. It’s saying “I’m better than you and you make bad decisions. Anyone who works here does even though I’m paying the place that employs this type of entertainment and I like it.” Djs have a lot of ego so if the guy has more money, I feel like it’s the point of “you don’t run this/I don’t need your money,” in the same way perhaps you (whoever) may have turned turn a customer asking you to prostitute yourself or work at a retail store right under him. You’re like um excuse you.

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  2. It seems like the people that do the part life rarely evolve past whatever age they began doing drugs. If you dance for awhile, you may notice it seems like most people stay exactly the same as when you met them. They just become worse looking over time. Do you think DJ’s fit into categories at all? It sounds like you’re saying most of them have mental issues. Do you think they do?

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    • I think that a lot of mentally unwell people gravitate to the “underground” lifestyle because they can’t function as “normal” adults, and don’t know to seek out help, or don’t want to get well and leave their comfort zone. I met so many brilliant but mentally ill people that turned to drugs and got sucked into the strip club life and then got comfortable. You’re right in that they don’t change, they just look worse and worse. So sad.

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      • Yeah! In 20 years and 2 states I never once saw a DJ that I ran into at a club that had grown and matured. They don’t usually exit the business either until they age out like dancers. Some may become managers or something else but like you said, they become comfortable. They repeat the mantra dancers do about being “unable” to make the money anywhere else. It is very sad. I always say djs are dancers with dicks.

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