Season of Hibernation

Last Saturday I met up with a girlfriend for a socially-distant gab fest, and we got onto the subject of universal energy, and personal timelines. I was telling my girlfriend about how much I don’t enjoy summer, as much as I try to. I’m uncomfortable, I get lightheaded every time I stand up when it’s hot (it doesn’t matter how well hydrated I am, caffeinated, fed, etc.) I have no energy or motivation. Plus, I’ve written previously about the overwhelming guilt I battle with, between not wanting to be outside, and hearing my mom yell about how short the season is and I should be enjoying every bit of it. Summer is just uncomfortable for me, for a good three months. So we went over my own personal yearly calendar, and realized that when I feel most energized (fall) it’s the start of my own calendar. My year continues throughout winter, and then starts to wane in the spring, and when summer hits, it’s my season of hibernation. Summertime is when I need to rest, and plan for the start of my new year.

It just makes so much sense. Ever since this mini revelation, I feel so much better. I feel much less anxious, and when I do start to feel squirrely, I just remind myself that I’m hibernating. What does your personal calendar look like?

Anyways, I know I’ve been a bit absent on here, but that’s why. It’s a mix of post-pandemic burnout, when I was cranking out business on a different project, and summertime. But I’ve been thinking hard about where I want to take this blog, and I have some ideas….stay tuned!

In the meantime, make sure you check out my Twitter feed (@ameliakirk1818) and if you’re interested in my book of erotic verse, Revelations In Madness, the link is at the top!


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