Energy Manifestation in the Age of COVID

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about energy, especially the energy that is created from a large group of people, all zoned in on the same thing, whether it’s a packed concert, a basketball game or a protest. The type of raw, emotional energy that develops is so powerful, and can create waves that go on for miles and produces unexpected results. It’s something that our society has gotten so far away from, and most people aren’t aware of it, or tuned into it. I will tell you, that energy like that, even thinking about that energy, makes me emotional as fuck. Parades made me emotional. A protest, of course, makes me emotional.

I find this subject fascinating! But I’ve been wondering- in the age of COVID, what does that energy look like? How much less energy WORLD WIDE is being generated?

Other than protests, since most events no longer have any audience, or very limited, PLUS masks covering screaming fans’ mouths, how does that effect the event?

Sports players have to play with piped in audience music, and in some cases, are staying in bubbles, not able to interact with their fans. How well have the players adjusted to pull more of their own energy up in order to get the win? I’m curious to see if by the end of the year, overall scores for games in every sport are much lower than normal, since the players just aren’t playing at that pumped-up-by-the-crowd level.

For those still twirling in the strip clubs, (the ones that have re-opened) how has COVID effected the energy in the club? (I know, I know, it’s really fucked up the money energy!) It’s a lot harder to convince a man to give up his wallet if you’re unable to slide your body close to his, whisper naughty stuff in his ear, m’right? In an earlier post, I discussed clubs bringing back the “show boxes” which I’ve always wanted to experience. I feel like if there has to be a distance mandate, then you might as well be in a clear box and do whatever sexy ass stuff you want while the customer watches, without worrying about the guy breaking that distance mandate.

Those high energy nights at the club were so much fun. Everything would be on point- I would have a new sexy outfit on, and I felt toned and sexy, and I would dance to the perfect set, and just feel ON FIRE! The customers were all horny, and just throwing the bills and there would be a line for the VIP. And it wouldn’t just be me- all the girls were getting mad dances, and the DJs were getting tipped well so they were drunk and happy (as opposed to the drunk and pissed off, which was just as common), and the manager would be flirting with whatever new bartender hot mess he had roped in to help out (I’m going to have to make a post about the bartenders I got to know over the years- the stories!).

Will those energy highs ever be generated again? How will humankind adapt? Human beings are such emotional beings (for better and for worse), we need that energy. I believe that it’s part of our ancestral DNA, that we will never completely shake off. Humans need to feel that communal push and pull, that joy, that frenetic pulse inside ourselves.


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