Some Bitch Stole My CD!

I was just thinking about the old school, early 2000s technology that we had/used in the club that would be so archaic now.

How big was your CD holder? Some chics would bring there’s in tucked away in it’s own damn wheeling suitcase. You would bring your case in at the beginning of the shift and hand it to the DJ, and hope none of them got stolen during your shift. You would have to remember to grab it before you left or almost guaranteed the most popular ones would be stolen. You had to write your club name on each CD with a black sharpie and a warning to not steal your shit.

I remember the days before cellphones really got into everyones hands, and girls would just sit at the bar, waiting for customers to come in. We would just watch the TVs that were above the bar. Wow, that seems like a million years ago. Of course, you would want to sit closest to the door, where most of the time you could score a dance right away after the guy paid for his cover. Boobs would be poppin’, and it was like shooting fish in a barrel. Sometimes they would immediately slide around the bar away from the girl sitting in front of the door, being pros at navigating away from the Entryway Eddies, haha.

After CDs, were the iPods. Girls would have the DJ play for their set, and some girls could not figure out how to make a dancing playlist, and the DJ would play what they were given, and it would go from club hip hop to a slow jam that was way too slow. So many times I saw girls getting pissed at the DJ while he tried to find what she wanted in her maze of songs.

It wasn’t something that I used in the club, but I can’t leave out MySpace! Oh MySpace, how I sometimes miss you! Remember how you would try to creep on someone’s page in school while you should have doing something else, and they would have a goddamn song set to their homepage, and it would start blasting when their page opened? Fuck, that used to get you in so much trouble! I’m not sure if dancers were using the platform to make money, although they had to have been- can someone tell their story of entrepreneurship through MySpace? It never even occurred to me to try to monetize my MySpace, I think because online businesses were still newer and it wasn’t as mobile or easy as it is these days?

There were online web cam sites, which I dipped into for a hot minute, and of course have made a major surge in popularity since COVID. Back then, I set up a corner of the living room of the house I was renting with my boyfriend, put up a little wall of curtains and bought a big poof to lounge on. Maybe I could have gotten used to it, but I just felt silly gyrating in front of a web cam, and waiting for the little “coins falling” sound that meant someone had sent me money. There are many many talented people using these types of platforms to try to make up income they’ve lost since clubs have closed, customer populations have plummeted, etc. (And one particular B.Thorne who fucked it up for so many people, am I right?)

What technology am I leaving out? Leave me a comment with your early tech experiences in the club!


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