This Season Has Been a Doozy

And I know I’m not alone.

I have felt myself just wanting to read fantasy fiction, and/or contemporary teenage rom-coms, or do some mindless knitting while zoning out on Youtube videos…about knitting.

There’s this overhanging, low-level dread about the upcoming election and the chaos that will probably follow, no matter what the result is. Things are so shitty in this country, and we’re being jerked around by an Cheeto Devil who tells us that we’re turning a corner on the pandemic as the numbers are increasing dramatically.

If you follow me on twitter ( @ameliakirk1818 ) , you will have seen my tweets about being pissed that ONCE AGAIN the election is down to two old white men, despite the amazing women and POC and WOC in the beginning. I’m pissed that there’s still so much sexism and hatred towards women in positions of power. My heart hurts over the blatant racism that is ongoing, and how the racists feel like they have freedom to express their hate because of the endorsement from tRump. Fuck.

The debate last night, did not help. It was strange to see Trump actually acting like an adult for once, and Biden….god, he’s so fucking old. Barely able to get a coherent sentence out. I don’t even want to vote for him, but it’s not like I’m going to vote for the asshole in chief.

My creative well has been dry of late. Eventually I’ll find my rhythm again, but I think it’s gotta wait until late November. Furthermore, the last bag I picked up from my weed guy sucks. Like, no THC. That’s got me irritable as well. Perfect timing, weed guy.

Hope you’re all well and staying safe,


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