Let’s Talk: Body Changes After Dancing

I actually started noticing some body changes about 1 year before I quit dancing.
Specifically, less muscle tone. That was due to the lack of stage dancing…..which was due to lack of customers. Business dropped off dramatically around summer 2007, and never really recovered much, in the years after the Great Recession. Several big businesses in my city closed, and the customers dried right up. There were a lot less out of state customers coming in, looking to spend money.

The thing that saved me, was that was around when I was really getting in my “stripper groove”, if you will. So I racked up several $$$ regulars that I had on a nice weekly schedule which is what saved me. I had already realized that I couldn’t do pole tricks on a spinning pole (I get sooo dizzy and nauseous) but I really worked on getting my stage set as sexy as possible. (Of course it always helped to smoke a bowl beforehand, and have some sexy ass songs lined up).

Especially, the last year I danced, I noticed that my legs were a little different…a bit less toned…a little more rounded. The last year I danced, business was really slow. Granted, I was working the day shift, which had always worked off of regulars, not traffic flow. There were much fewer stage sets being done, and a lot more sitting around, waiting for regulars.

I have a picture of a younger me, in the dressing room, wearing a cute pink babydoll, and looking so damn sexy and TONED. My hair was perfect, my makeup was perfect….

I haven’t gained much weight since my dancing days, I am just less muscular. Sometimes, I get this moment of “fuck it, Imma just eat what I want and not care anymore” but I always stop my inner fat girl. I don’t like how I feel when I know I’ve been pigging out, and have put on a few pounds. And I really love food.

When I do gain weight, it’s always around the uterus area- I can easily look like I’m say, three months pregnant. I have a larger uterus- legit, no lie. Family trait, if you will. And I can tell that if I were to really gain a huge amount of weight, my stomach would have that vertical line that makes your stomach look like butt cheeks. Just saying.

During my dancing years, I saw all sorts of body shapes- most were sexy, but there were a few that were less than desirable. Unfortunately, our managers allowed some very unfit ladies to get naked on our stage. Now, I’m not trying to fat shame- I’m talking about girls who were grossly overweight, and didn’t even try to try to dance, and sat around the bar on their phone. I can respect anyone no matter their size, if they are talented, and put some effort in.

I saw plenty of body changes around me also; there were girls who got pregnant and danced right up to 9 months; there were always those girls who always looked the fucking same after having a baby, and then there were ones who had a little extra padding and bigger tits afterward.

There was weight gain from medication, and weight loss from drugs. Lots of body changes all around. There was one girl who had a beautiful set of double-Ds, and got into coke, then molly, and her boobs disappeared. She literally went down to a B cup. Tragic.

If you’re a retired dancer, what has been your experience with any body changes you’ve gone through? If you’re still dancing, has your body gone through weight gains and losses?


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