I Was Not That Bitch

In my 8 1/2 years of dancing, I had few and far between moments of drama.

Drama, as you know, is a living, thriving beast within the strip club. Whether it’s girls fighting over songs to dance to, customers, or their significant other stepping out with another dancer, there are a myriad reasons that drama breaks out in the strip club.

In my 8 1/2 years, I was only involved with two situations, admittedly both of my own making. I have always been a pretty easy going person, and I can always smell a bait, as well. You’re not going to rope me in some dumb shit, unless I choose to get involved.

The first bit of drama involved with this fellow dancer who had a great D-cup rack that my former husband was drooling over. I got it in my head (perhaps I was ovulating, that’s always when I have the stupidest ideas) that she should come home with us to fool around. We arranged it…she came home with us….I swallowed my jealousy all damn night….then she wouldn’t leave. Suddenly, she was trying to step in as his wife and push me out!

So what did I do? I ran off & went home with one of the bouncers.

I know, I know. You ain’t even got to say it.

I spent a couple of days with the bouncer, she spent a couple of days with my husband. The bouncer actually got things straightened out, she went back to her place, and I went back home. But of course it didn’t end there- we both refused to work shifts with the other, so the managers had to make sure we never ran into each other. It was dumb, and so tense for so long. I don’t remember exactly how we made amends- I think she came in drunk on my shift, which she was known to do, and apologized to me. That was weird too, because usually she usually came in drunk and ready to start shit.

The other bit of drama was with a dancer I was pretty close to. She had a husband wife couple who started to come in and spend major $$$ on her. I often got pulled into their dances, which was fine with me. The wife was a fun freak, and the husband was cute. This went on for a couple of months, and rumors started flying that the dancer was sleeping with both of them (she was). Between conversations I had with this dancer, and the rumors, I determined that the dancer had singular sights on the husband, and I got it in my head to warn the wife. I sent her a text, which was such a mistake. I woke up to the dancer BLOWING UP my phone, totally pissed the fuck off. To this day, I don’t know why I felt like I had to get involved in whatever they had going on. The dancer was so mad at me, and wouldn’t talk to me for months. Another dumb situation that I shouldn’t have started. I still feel really stupid about that one.

But see- that’s it! Literally, that’s the only “big” drama I was ever involved in during dancing. I did not start fights, I didn’t “steal songs”, I mostly didn’t give a fuck. I just wanted to make money and smoke some weed out back, and pick my own hours. No one ever fucked with me either, which I appreciate.

Honestly, there was always more drama at bachelor parties, with either drunk bachelors or their fiances trying to crash the party.

What’s some strip club drama you’ve been involved in?


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