An Introvert’s Love of Internet Lurking

Ok. Ok. Ok. I've been working on pulling myself out of this hazy, unfocused state of mind (yes, some due to marijuana ingestion, of course) that I've been in for the last six weeks or so. A large part of it was the election, and then post-election anxiety and battling dread. I wish I had... Continue Reading →

Patience is a 30s Thing

Hey girl, Patience is a 30s thing, it really is. I WISH I had 1/2 of the patience I have now than I did in my young stupid years. I'd be so much further ahead....said everyone, right?? I've been feeling so impatient lately, especially with the day job. Fuck, it takes up so much time... Continue Reading →

I Am Not Your Wedding Zilla

Hey girl, You know what I've never been into? Having a giant, expensive elaborate wedding. Nope. I have never wanted to be bothered with all that shit. And my God! Women go absolutely fucking nuts over planning their wedding. Is it a special day? Absolutely. Do you need to blow thousands of dollars and take... Continue Reading →

Heels Are Life

Hey girl, My co-workers are amazed at my ability to prance around the office in 3” heels. I scoff at them. If they only knew. 3” are, of course, nothing when you’re used to running around the club in 7” heels with a goddamn 4” platform. Wimps. Today I was looking at my heels in... Continue Reading →

The Down and Dirty Friendship

Hey girl, Here I am again. This time I want to discuss friendships. Like, real down and dirty friendships. Like that bestie that is always there for you, will never bullshit you but tell you straight how it is, the one you can confide anything to. Sigh. I wish I had one. I was thinking... Continue Reading →

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