The Strip Club: A Hub of Genius and Mental Illness

I have always thought of the strip club scene as part of the underbelly of a city. The underbelly where all the creative, off kilter, devious, scandalous people congregate. I have always had a bit of a fascination with the secrecy vibes of the underbelly scene. Yes, the strip club is perhaps close by other... Continue Reading →

Will The Stripper Pole Ever Spin Again?

With the pandemic interrupting our normal lives, one kind of business that is really struggling is one that "normal" person might not think of- the strip club. What is the future of strip club dancing? Although there are a lot of horny bastards that I'm sure would disagree, strip clubs are not 'essential businesses' and... Continue Reading →

Get Out of That Mindset!

Hey girl, I've been keeping an eye on my Twitter feed, and dancers and sex workers are freaking out. Understandably. Everything has come to a halt, and your money has dried up. What I'm also seeing, which I don't agree with AT ALL are so many girls saying things like, "I'm totally unemployable, I can't... Continue Reading →

Just. Pay. Your. Bills.

Hey girl, I had a tough day at work and I feel totally drained. I am in the business of taking things away from people, unfortunately, when they stop paying for them. Use your imagination. People will ignore the calls, and letters, and formal service of documents....until the Sheriff shows up. THEN it's a crisis... Continue Reading →

Patience is a 30s Thing

Hey girl, Patience is a 30s thing, it really is. I WISH I had 1/2 of the patience I have now than I did in my young stupid years. I'd be so much further ahead....said everyone, right?? I've been feeling so impatient lately, especially with the day job. Fuck, it takes up so much time... Continue Reading →

Heels Are Life

Hey girl, My co-workers are amazed at my ability to prance around the office in 3” heels. I scoff at them. If they only knew. 3” are, of course, nothing when you’re used to running around the club in 7” heels with a goddamn 4” platform. Wimps. Today I was looking at my heels in... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Enjoy Summer- Why The Guilt?

Hey girl, The guilt comes from my mom always harking "go outside- enjoy the weather!" growing up. Living in upstate NY, I really should enjoy and take advantage of every second of nice weather. We have such long winters, and all we want in the middle of the icy shit is the weather we're having... Continue Reading →

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