In The Doghouse Again? Is It Emotional Abuse?

Let's talk about emotional abuse. Emotional abuse is a BITCH. And unfortunately, it's a sneaky ass bitch as well. My first husband was the biggest asshole when we were together. 6'5 and hovering around 350 lbs, he used his size to intimidate everyone around him. He threatened and belittled me, he threatened and belittled his... Continue Reading →

My Mother Makes Me Anxious

Hey girl, It's funny how you realize things as you get deeper into your thirties... This past weekend my mother stayed with us, and as always, we were both exhausted by the time she left. She comes in with a whirlwind of bags, and stories and findings....our fridge is immediately filled with strange containers of... Continue Reading →

Please Stop the IVF Madness

Hey girl, This morning I'm thinking about people who are going through IVF treatments, and related bullshit to try to conceive. Of course, I must put the disclaimer out there (and if this is news to you, then you must be new here) that I think trying to have a kid period is pure nuts,... Continue Reading →

Don’t be an Ager Hater

Hey girl, Someone at work recently turned 30, and she was a bit freaked about leaving her 20s, I believe. In fact, you could see it on her face- she was freaked. I told her not to worry, that your thirties are way better than the twenties. As much fun as I had in my... Continue Reading →

I will never understand Baby Desperation

Hey girl, **Disclaimer/Warning** If you're one of these desperate ass people who are trying like crazy to get pregnant, do not read this. *** I will never understand the crazy frantic desperation that some people (mostly women) get caught up in the gotta-have-a-kid-omg-I-have-to-get-pregnant.....and they have faced disappointment after disappointment, miscarriage after miscarriage. Now, I'm not... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk Self-Care

Hey girl, It has come to my attention, that as you enter your thirties, self-care becomes a non-negotiable. At least, it should be a non-negotiable by the time you hit that decade. Let’s face it- life gets pretty tedious in your thirties. Usually, there’s a marriage, a mortgage & kids thrown into the mix by... Continue Reading →

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