An Introvert’s Love of Internet Lurking

Ok. Ok. Ok. I've been working on pulling myself out of this hazy, unfocused state of mind (yes, some due to marijuana ingestion, of course) that I've been in for the last six weeks or so. A large part of it was the election, and then post-election anxiety and battling dread. I wish I had... Continue Reading →

This Season Has Been a Doozy

And I know I'm not alone. I have felt myself just wanting to read fantasy fiction, and/or contemporary teenage rom-coms, or do some mindless knitting while zoning out on Youtube videos...about knitting. There's this overhanging, low-level dread about the upcoming election and the chaos that will probably follow, no matter what the result is. Things... Continue Reading →

Patience is a 30s Thing

Hey girl, Patience is a 30s thing, it really is. I WISH I had 1/2 of the patience I have now than I did in my young stupid years. I'd be so much further ahead....said everyone, right?? I've been feeling so impatient lately, especially with the day job. Fuck, it takes up so much time... Continue Reading →

I Miss You Like Mary

Remember when you looked at me with that smile after I called you back with mock outrage I remember the way you turned, approached and the desire for that to repeat socks me in the gut and it's all I want.

Coffee & Marijuana Morning

Hey girl, There is a lovely rain falling outside, I'm all alone in the house, I've got my bowl packed and a nice mug of steaming hot coffee beside me.....simply beautiful. I'm trying to picture this type of scene in the future, when I really am alone in the house...all the time. I think initially... Continue Reading →

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