I will never understand Baby Desperation

Hey girl, **Disclaimer/Warning** If you're one of these desperate ass people who are trying like crazy to get pregnant, do not read this. *** I will never understand the crazy frantic desperation that some people (mostly women) get caught up in the gotta-have-a-kid-omg-I-have-to-get-pregnant.....and they have faced disappointment after disappointment, miscarriage after miscarriage. Now, I'm not... Continue Reading →

Wait- they were gay all along??

apple.news/AHoexhs54RCC4ufBdst5tkg Captains, I can't even express how angry this makes me. This fucking Bible-thumping bullshit turned to repentant gay is for the fucking birds. How many lives did you ruin with your fake Christian shit while you were so "high and mighty"? How many people hate themselves because of the bullshit you shoved down their... Continue Reading →

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