An Introvert’s Love of Internet Lurking

Ok. Ok. Ok. I've been working on pulling myself out of this hazy, unfocused state of mind (yes, some due to marijuana ingestion, of course) that I've been in for the last six weeks or so. A large part of it was the election, and then post-election anxiety and battling dread. I wish I had... Continue Reading →

This Reminds Me of 2008

Hey girl, You know, I feel like I was totally clueless about the 2008 financial crisis, until it was very very obvious that shit was whack. I was only three years into my stripping career when the bottom fell out of everything. I remember that business dropped in the club seemingly overnight. I went from... Continue Reading →

My Mother Makes Me Anxious

Hey girl, It's funny how you realize things as you get deeper into your thirties... This past weekend my mother stayed with us, and as always, we were both exhausted by the time she left. She comes in with a whirlwind of bags, and stories and findings....our fridge is immediately filled with strange containers of... Continue Reading →


Tonight, by so many tragedies My own self created And the world’s I beg them stop circling my brain And let me sleep Some haunted dreams of Mercury

The Down and Dirty Friendship

Hey girl, Here I am again. This time I want to discuss friendships. Like, real down and dirty friendships. Like that bestie that is always there for you, will never bullshit you but tell you straight how it is, the one you can confide anything to. Sigh. I wish I had one. I was thinking... Continue Reading →

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