An Introvert’s Love of Internet Lurking

Ok. Ok. Ok. I've been working on pulling myself out of this hazy, unfocused state of mind (yes, some due to marijuana ingestion, of course) that I've been in for the last six weeks or so. A large part of it was the election, and then post-election anxiety and battling dread. I wish I had... Continue Reading →

Get Out of That Mindset!

Hey girl, I've been keeping an eye on my Twitter feed, and dancers and sex workers are freaking out. Understandably. Everything has come to a halt, and your money has dried up. What I'm also seeing, which I don't agree with AT ALL are so many girls saying things like, "I'm totally unemployable, I can't... Continue Reading →

Daddy Issues

Hello Captains, Oh, Daddy. I am so conflicted about this person that I share 50% of my DNA with. First off, my dad is a drunk. My mom was a drunk back in the day, and luckily for me and my sister, she got sober when we were pretty young. My dad didn't, so you... Continue Reading →

Great Temptation

old desires / new excuses rushes of memories butterflies in my stomach racing heartbeat then sadness like a fold of the ocean over me, crashing with dreaded devastation the impossibility at reaching those love highs ever again

Swimming in Discomfort

Hey girl, The last couple of weeks have been...trying. Along with an unexpected death in the family, I ran out of weed and decided not to re-up. I wanted my mental clarity back- I was feeling really dumb. And honestly, this has been the easiest time I've ever had trying to give it up, compared... Continue Reading →

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