Is it Selfishness or Just Knowing What the Fuck I Want?

Hey girl, One thing I've been turning over and over in my head, is a calculation of selfishness vs. determination. Obviously, the future of my marriage is often on my mind, and one argument you can be sure will rear its ugly head when the can of worms gets opened, is how selfish I am.... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk Self-Care

Hey girl, It has come to my attention, that as you enter your thirties, self-care becomes a non-negotiable. At least, it should be a non-negotiable by the time you hit that decade. Let’s face it- life gets pretty tedious in your thirties. Usually, there’s a marriage, a mortgage & kids thrown into the mix by... Continue Reading →

Great Temptation

old desires / new excuses rushes of memories butterflies in my stomach racing heartbeat then sadness like a fold of the ocean over me, crashing with dreaded devastation the impossibility at reaching those love highs ever again

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