The Strip Club: A Hub of Genius and Mental Illness

I have always thought of the strip club scene as part of the underbelly of a city. The underbelly where all the creative, off kilter, devious, scandalous people congregate. I have always had a bit of a fascination with the secrecy vibes of the underbelly scene. Yes, the strip club is perhaps close by other... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk Self-Care

Hey girl, It has come to my attention, that as you enter your thirties, self-care becomes a non-negotiable. At least, it should be a non-negotiable by the time you hit that decade. Let’s face it- life gets pretty tedious in your thirties. Usually, there’s a marriage, a mortgage & kids thrown into the mix by... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Anxiety

Hi girl, Let’s talk anxiety. That nasty, gut-clenching, cold sweat monster that rears it’s ugly head at sometimes unexpected moments. However, when you live with it, you start a running list of all the situations and people that give you an anxious rush. I was such an anxious little kid. There was no running around,... Continue Reading →


Tonight, by so many tragedies My own self created And the world’s I beg them stop circling my brain And let me sleep Some haunted dreams of Mercury

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