Don’t Fuck Up Your Money Game Like I Did

Oh man. The thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars that I wasted.....*sigh* I could go down a deep rabbit hole of regret and torture but I choose not to. What good does it do? Those days are over, the crash of '08 done already wiped out my bank ex husband done already spent... Continue Reading →

An Ode To Those 7″ Heels

Hey girl, The shoes were what first hooked me. Those giant clear plastic sparkly goddess platforms- I remember the first time I stepped foot in a strip club as a customer, and saw them and LOVED them. I wanted to wear them. I also found out that I rather enjoyed having my head squished between... Continue Reading →

Avoiding the Old Strip Club Customer

Hey girl, Yesterday, at the grocery store I almost walked right into an old customer that I knew in the strip club world. Luckily he was looking elsewhere, and I was able to quickly turn and flee. It happens. You're coming around the corner in some public place, and all of a sudden, "The Farmer"... Continue Reading →

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