Swimming in Discomfort

Hey girl, The last couple of weeks have been...trying. Along with an unexpected death in the family, I ran out of weed and decided not to re-up. I wanted my mental clarity back- I was feeling really dumb. And honestly, this has been the easiest time I've ever had trying to give it up, compared... Continue Reading →

My Journey with Erotic Poetry

Hey girl, Back in the early 2000s, I used to write real, filthy smut. I mean, stuff that makes me blush even to this day. It had quality to it- it wasn't just x-rated trash; a story was told with each one, and I recounted many of my sexual adventures. There was an online publication-... Continue Reading →

Do you write under a pen name?

Hey girl, If you do, why do you write under a pen name? Is it because you're very shy and introverted, and/or the subject matter requires you to hide your identity? That's what I'm sort of struggling with at the moment. This current work in progress is a story that's been banging around my head... Continue Reading →

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